Man uses Google Earth to find suicide spot

A 40-year-old Londoner uses the mapping service to choose the place where he will will die.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

The hopeless choose to do things in ways that crush the mind.

A 40-year-old car parts worker for Volkswagen and Audi was apparently suffering extreme work-related stress.

He decided to commit suicide. But he reportedly did it with painful precision and a heartbreaking consideration for the welfare of strangers.

The Telegraph reported that the man scoured Google Earth in order to find a suitable place to kill himself. Then he printed the images from the Web, images that police subsequently found in his car, the article said.

Widecombe-in-the-Moor, near the spot the Londoner reportedly chose to die. CC Dir2008/Flickr

No one will ever know why he chose Bone Hill Rocks parking lot in the Dartmoor National Park in Devon. No one can even begin to imagine what Google Earth showed him to make this the place where he would end his life.

Bone Hill Rocks was evidentaly 200 miles from the man's home in London.

However, he reportedly drove there, parked, fitted a plastic tube from his exhaust to the inside of his car and waited to die.

Yet still he thought of others. In order to protect passersby, those whom he didn't know, he placed warning signs on the windows, telling people not to open the doors or to get inside the car because of the fumes. He had even sealed the windows of his VW Golf with black tape.

The coroner, who recorded a verdict of suicide, reportedly said: "I am satisfied that (name withheld) planned this with expertise. The notices he had prepared were designed to be found by others after his death."