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Man tries to sell pot, iPod Touch for iPad

A man places a Craigslist ad, offering an iPod Touch "and a quarter of DANK" for an iPad. Unfortunately, police see his ad and arrange a meeting.

It's always so galling when high enterprise is stifled by regulations.

So who could not feel a deep inhalation of sympathy for Jacob Walker? The 20-year-old from Gilbert, Ariz., stands accused, together with his friend of the same age, Joseph Velarde, of (gosh, no) trafficking marijuana on the Web.

Before you leap up on a large donkey, might I offer a few details to appeal to the better part of your judgment? According to, Walker allegedly placed an ad on Craigslist in which he offered a trade which, to the objective eye, seems more than fair.

He allegedly offered his iPod Touch (32GB size) for an iPad (also 32GB).

This might seem a slightly unbalanced proposition to you, until you learn, thanks to the fine people at Edible Apple who obtained a screenshot of the ad, that he threw an incentive into this equation. For he also allegedly offered "a quarter of DANK. Blue dream, straight outta cali."

Being straight outta Cali myself, I have to admire the sheer balance of this proposition. However, perhaps that balance was slightly put of of kilter when the creators of the ad decided to put a picture of the DANK on a scale, sitting next to the iPod Touch.

This surely put the men, who were in need of a magic revolution, in danger of experiencing a mundane comedown. Indeed, someone did reply to the ad. And that someone, according to the police, was the police. Arrests were made and now Gilbert and Velarde have been charged.

I had assumed police in Arizona were currently overrun with higher priorities than the arrest of those who try to offer what they have to obtain an iPad. Perhaps they just need to relax a little.