Man straps self with wires and gadgets, surprised to be arrested

A Georgia man claims all the gadgets and wires around his body are a style statement. He is arrested after people in a mall are alarmed.

A wired Daniel Tudela.
WBS-TV screenshot by Chris Matysczyk/CNET

People like to make statements about themselves.

Sometimes, they use words. Sometimes they dress themselves in a manner that, well, says something.

So if you saw a man with wires and gadgets strapped all over him, what statement do you think he'd be making? That he's a cool, original, quirky, gadgety dude? Or that he's about to wander into the local movie theater and bomb the place?

This was the dilemma faced by ordinary mortals in the Discover Mills Mall in Gwinnett County, Ga.

As WSB-TV describes it, 30-year-old Daniel Tudela wandered into the mall and headed for the movie theater.

Somehow, mall employees thought that Tudela's was a statement of threat, rather than style. Indeed, police were called and arrested him.

He has been charged with being in possession of a hoax device.

The police admit that all the wires and gadgets were harmless. Tudela explained he uses them to operate his mp3 player and cell phone.

However, Cpl. Ed Ritter of the Gwinnett County Police Department, told WSB-TV: "One would put together, and reasonably assume, that he is here to commit some type of heinous crime, deadly crime."

One person's reason is another person's neurosis.

Still, In Tudela's defense, his lawyer offered WSB-TV this statement:

This was an unfortunate arrest that was completely unwarranted. Family, neighbors, and friends who know Mr. Tudela are expressing their concern and outrage over how such charges could be brought against someone who is kind, gentle, and would never pose a risk of harm to anyone.

And yet some might wonder whether Tudela himself might have imagined that his getup might get a couple of backs up, even though he reportedly told police it was merely a style statement.

So many times when insane tragedies happen, people complain afterward that someone should have noticed, someone should have said something.

Is it so odd that, in this case, someone did say something? You know, just in case.