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Man started wildfire to get more Facebook views, police say

Technically Incorrect: In Kentucky, an aspiring weatherman is arrested for arson after allegedly finding a criminal way to get more social media fame.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Johnny Mullins in one of his Weather Outlook Facebook videos.

Johnny Mullins/Screenshot by CNET

Beware the lure of fame.

In Kentucky, a man has been arrested for allegedly setting a wildfire and then commentating on that wildfire in Facebook videos.

As the Associated Press reports, 21-year-old Johnny Mullins is an aspiring weatherman. He had, police say, a twisted way of attracting publicity to his ambitions.

"He likes to do Facebook videos and have people follow him on his 'weather forecast,'" Jenkins, Kentucky, police Chief James Stephens told the AP. "So that's pretty much why he did what he did. He enjoyed the attention he got from the Facebook stuff."

He's not alone in wanting the get attention on Facebook. It's a worldwide personality trait these days.

But to start something dangerous, something you cannot possibly control?

"He didn't realize how much danger he was putting other people in," said Stephens.

It's unclear how much damage Mullins's alleged actions caused. Neither the Jenkins Fire Department nor the police department immediately responded to a request for comment.

However, his Facebook page is still active and indeed shows him narrating videos about forest fires. The last one, posted November 6, garnered 3,600 views.

Mullins has been charged with second-degree arson. He didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.