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Man Soap: Smell like bacon, bonfires, beer, and urinal cakes

A line of manly soaps scented like beer, coffee, cash, and urinal mints is designed to overpower the senses with the odor of manhood.

Man Soap
Mmm, bacon.

The soap market has traditionally been geared toward women buyers. That focus may be shifting with a line of Man Soaps from ManHands. Available scents include bacon, baseball glove, brewed coffee, muscle rub, fresh-cut grass, and top soil. Democrat and Republican scents are also on offer.

The soaps all have enticing descriptions designed to beguile men into making a purchase. Here's the description for beer soap: "There is perhaps no manlier smell than the scent of a cold pint of beer. Why wait until the drunk guy dumps it over you in the packed bar?" Unfortunately, it doesn't specify which beer it smells like. I'm guessing it's more Budweiser than Stone IPA.

There are a few scents on the list that may cause some head-scratching. Margarita, for one. What's so manly about a drink that involves a blender? That's one step away from a paper umbrella embellishment, fellas. I can see the appeal of bacon soap, but I expect it to be a crossover hit with both sexes.

Each bar is 3 ounces and made by hand from coconut oil, propylene glycol, palm oil, glycerine, water, sorbitol, fragrance, and color. I don't see any actual bacon or beer on the ingredients list.

The soap that may well be destined for a long life of manly gag gift-giving is surely the urinal mint scent. Fortunately, it smells like an unused urinal mint.

Each bar of soap costs $7.95 (let me tell you, that's way more than I pay for my lady soaps), and there's nothing to stop buyers from mixing and matching soaps. You could go for a red wine/top-soil combination or make yourself smell overwhelmingly outdoorsy with a mix of top soil and bonfire.