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Man says he stood 44 hours in iPhone 6 line to win back wife

A Polish-born man in the UK says he split with his wife recently and getting an iPhone 6 might provide a path to getting her back.

Dariusz Wlodarski doesn't believe an iPhone 6 will win his wife back, but he hopes she'll be impressed that he kept his promise to buy her one. SWNS/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When love is torn asunder and flowers can't fill the gap, what do you do?

This was the quandary faced by Dariusz Wlodarski, a fellow Pole now living in the UK.

He says his wife recently left him "because I wasn't the best husband and father."

"I didn't know how family is important to me," he told SWNS-TV.

He explained that "the first iPhone I bought for her, she was so happy." So he said he stood in line for 44 hours outside the Cabot Circus Apple store in Bristol, UK. He wanted to keep his promise to her that he'd get her an iPhone 6.

He was the first in line when the store opened yesterday morning.

Wlodarski told the Bristol Post: "She told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realized we could not afford it, but still, I want to buy it for her."

Some might wonder whether this story is genuine. This is the Web, after all. Wlodarski, though, seems honest enough in admitting that even buying the iPhone 6 might not win her back.

However, he added that he'd like her to know that he "could be good again."

He told the Bristol Post that he is currently unemployed and had put the iPhone on his credit card. He and his wife have been married for 19 years.

Can a woman be moved by a gadget to return to love? Perhaps this story will have a happy ending. Occasionally, it happens.