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Man rescued after losing cell phone down toilet

A man in Jiangsu province in China loses his cell phone down the toilet. His tries to reach down, but his arm gets stuck. Rescue workers have to set him free.

Men make mistakes. Then they try to rectify them. Which might be mistake number two.

Who cannot sympathize with a man from the Jiangsu province in China whose cell phone sadly disappeared into the toilet?

ITN News doesn't record quite how the cell phone managed to disappear down where the blue goldfish swim, but what seems clear is that the man tried to reach down to retrieve his vital gadget.

Unfortunately, as this footage from China News makes clear, the man ended up flushed with embarrassment, as his arm became wedged in a place where it is unwise to leave anything wedged.

The footage shows the man being saved from himself by rescue workers, though how they got the rescue call doesn't seem to be recorded. Certainly, it was not the poor man himself who made the call.

I feel confident that he was not the first person on earth who has felt the need to reach to the depths and retrieve a slippery cell phone.

I am supported in this suggestion by research from the U.K. that opined that 850,000 cell phones disappear toward sewage systems every year.

While the gentleman from Jiantsu reportedly only suffered minor cuts and bruises, as well as perhaps some touchingly amused stares, one can only be surprised that some enterprising engineer has not yet solved what is clearly a vast problem.

Can nothing truly be done in toilet design, so that errant cell phones might be more easily rescued? Could there not be a little trap door outside the u-bend that could be opened in times of dire desperation?

No one would wish such a difficult experience on their fellow man. A man without a cell phone is like a man without toilet paper. Bereft, denuded, and helpless.