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Man puts magnets under skin to hold iPod Nano

Tattoo artist implants four magnets into his own arm to hold iPod Nano in place. Warning: not for the squeamish.

Kaleidoscope Kreative

File this one under extreme fanboyism. A Newfield, N.J., man performed his own surgery to put magnets under his skin to hold his iPod Nano in place like a watch. Evidently nobody told him they make straps that do the same job.

The bloke in question is Dave Hurban, a tattoo artist working in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Kreative, an advertising and Web design and development company. His background in all things pointy, ink-filled, and painful means he's at least used to foreign objects invading his person, but this project, called "iDermal," really seems a step too far.

In the video you can see Dave going through the painstaking (pain being the key word here) process of measuring the Nano, marking out the spots on his wrist, and then setting about drilling into his own flesh to insert the four magnets. It's frankly rather grim, so if you're squeamish and prone to fainting at the slightest sight of blood then we suggest you watch it while lying on some cushions.

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