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Man proposes to girlfriend in Super Mario game

Using an editing program called Lunar Magic, a man inserted the magic words inside the game and filmed the girl as she stared at the screen. Watch the video and try not to cry.

I have always wanted to propose marriage to someone.

It's just that somehow the moment's never seemed right. Or, well, the lover in question leaves before the question can be popped.

So perhaps I might learn from this dashing, daring, and technically very correct man who found one of the more romantic ways to tell his girlfriend of five years he would like to spend at least the next five years with her.

He seems to be something of a geeky sort, so he reached for an editing program called Lunar Magic and inserted the deeply felt words "Lisa Will You Marry Me?" into a Super Mario World level.

Touchingly, the words were spelled out in gold coins.

The Super Mario suitor didn't reveal his name on YouTube, but the poster's identity is BradSmith182. So I know some of you might conclude his name is Brad Smith and he is a large aficionado of Blink 182.

The video does not start in a promising or loving way. Lisa somewhat rattily declares: "Why are we playing this?" as if, perhaps, there was some more cerebral game she had in mind.

But once she sees the magic words and BradSmith182 brings out the ring, she agrees somewhat shyly to be with him for better, for worse, and for Mario.

Fortunately for the proposer, YouTube removed his original video, which allowed him to repost a slightly fuller version. In this one, he says, "You can see a little more emotion from Lisa." Some would say that this is about the same amount of emotion one sees from Vladimir Putin when he catches a salmon topless.

However, the Telegraph quotes him as declaring: "She may not look too surprised in the video but you should have seen her afterward, she couldn't sit still."

I love love. And perhaps the most joyous and loving part of this fine video is the reaction of Kelly Moore. Kelly Moore is the dog that leaps into picture, overjoyed at the oncoming nuptials.

I know that once you watch this enthralling piece of film, you yourselves will be plotting ingeniously engineered gaming proposals for your loved ones. Surely there's something you could do with, say Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?