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Man posts on Facebook: 'im about to get shot'; gets shot

Shortly after an alleged crime spree, a Michigan man takes out his cell phone and announces his fate on Facebook. It comes to pass very quickly.

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It seems that people want to announce everything on Facebook, even their imminent demise.

30-year-old Eric L. Ramsey knew his time was up, so he took out his cell phone and posted on his Facebook wall: "Well folkes [sic] im about to get shot. Peace"

As NBC News reports, some of his friends thought he was joking.

However, shortly after his 3:15 a.m. post, he was fatally shot by a policeman.

The police were searching for Ramsey after he allegedly kidnapped and raped a woman at Central Michigan University, set a house ablaze, stole a sanitation truck, and rammed into the cars of two Michigan State troopers.

The victim of the alleged rape had managed to escape and had alerted the police.

The Isabella County Sheriff, Leo Mioduszewki, said in a press release (PDF): "A short while later, a Crawford County Deputy located the sanitation truck, and the suspect ended up hitting the deputy's car head on. The deputy then got out of the patrol car, ran up to the cab of the pickup, and fired shots, fatally wounding the suspect."

It's not clear what time Ramsey was shot or how he had time to make the Facebook post.

Ramsey isn't the first alleged criminal to have used Facebook during his activity. Two years ago, a man held a woman hostage in a Utah hotel and posted constant updates to his Facebook account.

In the case of Ramsey, Facebook seems to have been the only way he could offer a short goodbye.