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Man makes incredible Fallout Monopoly for wife

One man's quest to create the ultimate birthday gift for his wife, who loves Fallout, results in an eight-month labor of love that will knock your geeky socks off.

A masterpiece.

Many things can make a birthday special -- a nice dinner, a night out on the town, a long-lost friend decked in glitter popping out of a giant cake. Sometimes, however, a heartfelt geeky homemade gift can outshine them all.

Reddit user XsimonbelmontX went above and beyond for his wife's recent birthday by creating a highly customized version of Monopoly based on Fallout -- her favorite video game series.

The incredible attention to detail put into the game might astound you, as the creator, who identifies himself as Brandon, spared no mental expense at adding a Fallout touch to everything from the currency to the pieces.

The game pieces and currency. XsimonbelmontX/Reddit

To create the signature look, Brandon painted over a regular Monopoly board, and added various Fallout scenes and locations -- for example, Tenpenny Tower sits in the Boardwalk spot. Instead of cash, there are bottle caps, ranging from a $1 Nuka-Cola Quartz up to a $500 Sunset Sarsaparilla Star piece. Brandon created several Fallout-related game pieces, such as a Liberty Prime, that originated from melted pieces of Iron Man, Captain America, and several Army men action figures. The Pip-Boy figure consists of 20 different pieces of plastic from various models.

Vault-Tec cards --which consist of attacks, heals, and other gameplay twists -- replace the "Chance" and "Community Chest" slips. Aside from unique twists like a leveling system and attack cards, another interesting element lets the player choose a wooden perk disc -- which gives you an extra ability -- at the beginning of the game and as you level up. To top off the experience, Brandon burned the Fallout logo and associated images onto an old wooden jewelry box that holds the game. Check out more images of the Fallout Monopoly game on Imgur.

In a comment on Reddit, Brandon's wife Mandy describes herself as someone who isn't "a jewelry kind of girl." She said, "This is the best present I have ever (and probably will ever) receive."

Which piece would you use? XsimonbelmontX/Reddit
Vault-Tec cards replace the old Community Chest and Chance slips. XsimonbelmontX/Reddit