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Man makes 'humorous' mugshot his Facebook profile pic

Robert Burt's new mugshot shows him wearing a T-shirt depicting his previous mugshot. Art or asinine?

Bobby Burt, humorist. Somerset County Jail

Bobby Burt may well think he's the bee's knees.

He appears to be a teen with a sense of humor, a daredevil-may-care attitude to life.

Yes, he's been arrested once or twice, but perhaps it's just his bravado getting the better of him.

Why not, then, celebrate by showing off his latest mugshot?

The 19-year-old Burt from Pittsfield, Maine, was arrested on August 8 after admitting to drunken driving. For this he was to serve 48 hours in jail.

His mugshot, though, was clearly something he'd considered deeply. For there, as the Smoking Gun reports, was Burt posing in a fascinating T-shirt.

On it was the picture of a man who looked remarkably like Burt. There was that characteristic mustache from days gone by that may have taken months to grow. And there was the serious expression of a '50s film star.

This picture also happened to be a mugshot. Burt had been arrested June 14 for driving without a license -- oh, and for operating under the influence.

The T-shirt was reportedly made for him by a friend. It is unknown who wrote the caption: "Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014." This was apparently a reference to another inmate who was a Burt family member.

I almost forgot. The T-shirt also enjoyed the line: "Sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff."

You must decide if Burt is something of a wag or just another teen who's pride and fall may not be far apart. However, he is singularly proud of his mugshot, as, when he got out of jail, he turned it into his Facebook profile picture.

Not everyone arrested for drunken driving would do that. Many, after serving jail time, might disappear from Facebook for a while.

Still, his Facebook friends think it's all a big laugh. They loved the T-shirt on Facebook. Burt himself posted there: "its the s*** haha." He even insisted that the officers at the jail thought it was funny too.

Having announced on Facebook: "I'm out bitchs (sic)," Burt expressed some frustration a couple of days later, though.

"What to do," he posted.

"Don't get arrested," replied his friend Kory Drake.