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Man kills wife over Facebook update to 'single'

A man in the United Kingdom murdered his wife, from whom he was separated, after she declared herself "single" on Facebook. He has been sentenced to at least 17 years in prison.

Sarah Richardson had separated from her husband. So on her Facebook page, she updated her relationship status to "single."

According to prosecutors, her husband, Edward, saw her Facebook relationship update and rushed to her parents' home in Brown Lees, United Kingdom, where she was staying.

He smashed the front-door window, forced his way into the house, and stabbed his wife to death. He then tried to stab himself to death and somehow failed.

On Thursday, he was sentenced to prison for at least 17 years.

A story such as this makes me think of certain friends of mine who use Facebook as a stage on which to play out some aspect of their relationship disputes.

Somehow, social-networking sites give people a new, strangely public kind of arena in which to express their inner thoughts and feelings. But sometimes, it's the unpredictability of that public aspect that makes these sites a dubious place to do it.