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Man jailed in China for making rubber alien

A man called Mister Li posts images of a rather unconvincing alien on the Web. He is sent to prison for disturbing public order.

How Mr. Li presented his frozen find to the Shangdong Evening News.
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The world tends not to reward initiative as often as it should. Somehow, creating something new or presenting something different rouses many into fear mode, causing them to suppress with jerking knees.

This phenomenon might well have befallen a Chinese man called Mr. Li, who has been tossed into the clink for creating a stink.

Mister Li presented a mystery. He claimed to have caught an an alien in a rabbit trap and slipped it into his large freezer. He explained that there had been five aliens that descended upon his land. They allegedly came from a UFO.

The Shangdong farmer insisted that this alien -- which, for all the world looked like it was made of rubber -- was the real thing.

He posted images to the Web that even the Weekly World News would have thought twice about publishing. (Yes, that is a joke.)

You might imagine that Webizens were amused at his efforts. You might think he became a minor celebrity.

Sadly, this close encounter had him rendered into a closer encounter with men who might call him by a girl's name. For the Telegraph is reporting that Mr. Li has been sent to jail for five whole days.

The charges were that his rubber "fabrications" had a disturbing effect on the public peace.

He was forced to admit his fakery to the Shangdong Evening News: "After the police interrogated me, I confessed I was a fan of UFOs and the alien was a fake. I just wanted other people to believe that aliens existed."

He is not alone.

The mere existence of aliens might broaden our horizons and make us less narcissistic.

Especially if those aliens have cooler phones than we do.