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Man in selfie on stolen iPhone: It's not what you think

A man whose selfie pose with his girlfriend appeared in the cloud account of a stolen iPhone explains that his aunt bought two phones at a swap meet for $80.

The famous selfie. NBC Los Angeles screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When it comes to a criminal case, it's never enjoyable to be a person of interest.

Too often, persons of interest become judged through the media as "persons who did it."

So some might have concluded, after police in Santa Clarita, Calif., released an image of a couple in bed and said that it had been uploaded to the iCloud account associated with a stolen iPhone.

The man in the picture, Larry Beltran Jr., has now come forward to offer words that, along with "you don't understand," carry a troubling element of persuasiveness. In Beltran's case, he wants people to know that it isn't what they might think.

As NBC Los Angeles reports, Beltran went to the police to explain that he'd been given the iPhone by his aunt. She, in turn, explained that she'd bought two iPhones at a swap meet for $80 and given one to her nephew.

"It's embarrassing. I had no idea it would be all over the news or anything. That was just between me and my girlfriend," Beltran told NBC.

Beltran's aunt said she'd bought the phones from a man who said he had no further need for them. She thought she'd gotten a "good deal."

Some might think buyers should be careful when buying iPhones at swap meets. Others will point out that you can get an iPhone 5C for 97 cents at Walmart. Yes, a new iPhone 5C.

Of his meeting with the police, Beltran said: "They gave me the runaround."

He is due back for further talks with the sheriff's department Thursday.