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Man has QR code tattooed onto chest (really?)

A man claims to have created the world's first animated tattoo, which comes alive when a QR code seared into one's chest is scanned with an iPhone. It makes for interesting viewing.

Tattoos tend to walk a very fine line between the artistic and the gruesome. See what you think about this, perhaps the most technologically advanced tattoo in the world. Allegedly.

One has to use the word "allegedly" because there's an ad involved here--for Ballantine's whiskey.

Still, I fancy that this video will, at the very least, set off rampant urges in the Silicon Valley area to have its intentions duplicated on the bodies of multiple engineers.

What seems to be happening here is that a famed tattoo artist in Paris is inscribing a QR code onto (it feels like "into" as one watches the film) the body of a willing customer called Marco--who has, no doubt, eschewed whiskey drinking before the surgery.

The real fun, though, lies in what happens afterwards. For, once the tattoo artist has meticulously imparted a QR code onto his customer's recently-shaved chest, he then places an iPhone on it.

Suddenly we have a chest that projects the magic of animated cinema. Who has ever seen that before?

The charming folks at Mashable who first unveiled this flight of artistry, seem to believe that this might even be real. They say the process was live-streamed to the Ballantine's Facebook page. Which might, at least, suggest that there was a decent marketing budget behind this exercise.

Still, the last time one was faced with someone tattooing something strange on their person--a list of 152 Facebook friends--this turned out to be a mere temporary tat.

Real or not, we here at Technically Incorrect merely look for indications of hope for the future. We find it in the words of the tattooist, Karl Marc.

He told Mashable: "What makes this tattoo special is not just that it links to an animation. It's that we will be able to change the animation as time goes on. As Marco grows older and his ideas change, we can create new animations that link to the Matrix Code."

Yes, soon you will be able to tattoo QR codes onto your kiddies' chests. Then you will give them an iPhone so that they can watch cartoons playing on their very own little bodies. The human mind will stop at nothing to find new uses for the age-old substances that are flesh and phone.