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Thief takes off with Google Glass, gets tracked via app?

Mike Geller allows a stranger to try on his Google Glass in New York City. What happens next makes for difficult viewing. But is it for real?

The thief getting ready to go out. Mike Geller/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Strangers are still fascinated by Google Glass.

That fascination can comprise of "who on Earth wears those?" or "Oh, cool, can I try them on?"

Sadly for Mike Geller, the latter question led, he says, to the stranger running off with his glasses and even wearing them to a rave.

How might Geller know this? Well, he says he installed an app called LiveLens, which "allows you to easily share your life LIVE with your friends and followers."

Or, as it happens, with the person from whom you stole Google Glass.

Geller posted the video to YouTube, complete with the moment, two minutes in, when the thief makes off with the device.

It's odd that from the footage there doesn't seem much screaming and shouting on Geller's part. Perhaps the mic didn't pick it up. Or perhaps this is just an ad for the app.

Later footage shows the thief running through the streets of New York, down a subway, buying beer in a convenience store, dressing up to go out and finally having a nice time at a rave.

Did he recharge the Glass, which only has 45 minutes of battery life? How?

Geller told Business Insider he still hasn't recovered his Glass.

Fake or not (we're trying to verify), this footage will serve as an additional warning to those wearing the $1,500 device.

You wouldn't hand your cell phone to a stranger to look at. So why would you hand anyone your Google Glass?