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Man gets Netflix tattoo, scores free year of Netflix

A tweet of his Netflix tattoo earns a man a free subscription to Netflix. The videos may be good for a year, but the body art is forever.

Netflix tattoo
What body part is that exactly?
Myron Robinson

We've all been taught that our actions have consequences. Sometimes, you get a silly tattoo and earn a lifetime of regret. Other times, you get a silly tattoo and earn a free yearlong Netflix subscription.

Myron Robinson appears to have gotten a tattoo of the Netflix logo embellished with a background of paisley shapes, all done in gray-scale ink. He posted it on Twitter along with a plea for the video company to put him in a commercial. Netflix took notice and got right back to him with this reply:

Robinson will now forever be known as "That Netflix Tattoo Guy," but he can laugh about it while he's enjoying his free unlimited video streaming. I hope "Gigli" and "Robsessed: Life of Robert Pattinson" are worth it for him. Considering the cost of tattooing, he's probably not going to come out too far ahead monetarily.

That Netflix Tattoo Guy did offer an explanation of sorts for his choice of a Netflix tattoo rather than something more traditional, like a Care Bear riding a unicorn jumping over a rainbow:

I wonder if this strategy would work for other things. If I got a a tattoo of a Tesla Model S, would Tesla give me one for free? I'd like to think so, but I'm not about to test that theory unless I have some assurances in place.

(Via Daily Dot)