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Man finds his dead grandmother on Google Street View

A man in Oregon suddenly spots his deceased grandmother on Google's all-seeing camera. He says it must be one of the last images of her.

An image of a now-deceased grandmother captured on Street View and discovered by grandson.
KATU-TV/Google Street View

"There she was, sitting on her porch, reading her newspapers."

That's what surprised Dustin Moore of Beaverton, Ore. It wasn't that his Grandma Alice didn't like to read newspapers. It's that she's dead.

And it seemed that Google Street View had captured one of the last images of her alive.

As Moore explained to KATU-TV, Moore was idly viewing Street View when he came across his grandmother. She was just hanging out.

"I made the joke with my brother. I was like, 'Well, grandma's gone, but she still somehow lives on in Google and is watching over us," Moore told KATU-TV.

It seems that Grandma Alice was quite a character.

"She was supposed to be using a cane all the time. Well, I don't see a cane in this picture," said Moore.

He first posted his discovery to Reddit, only to learn that there were many people who thought his grandma was the coolest grandma in Oregon.

It is, perhaps, the kindest Reddit thread there has ever been.

By its random and universal nature, Street View will always provide a surprise or two.

The saddest part of this story is that, one day, Grandma Alice will be gone from Street View. The site is regularly updated, though in this case it might be another six years or so before it is.

I wonder how many more lost, loved ones might be lurking in some small corner of Street View's panorama.