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Man who filmed himself driving car from passenger seat gets convicted

A 20-year-old Spanish man thought it'd be fun to post the video to YouTube. It wasn't.

Just pass(enger)ing the time of day. Policia Nacional/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's hard to think of something original to post on YouTube.

Everything's been done, hasn't it?

One can imagine, therefore, the mindset of one Spanish 20-year-old, who clearly needed a little YouTube fame to bolster his image.

His choice was to drive down a freeway and film himself driving. It needed a twist, however. So he filmed himself driving from the passenger seat.

To prove his dexterity, he made sure to move the camera around to show his steering and the road ahead.

Naturally, he posted it to YouTube and must have sat and waited for the applause.

Oddly, the video was observed by Spain's Policia Nacional. They weren't impressed. As The Local reports, they put out an appeal on Twitter, wondering if, perhaps, someone knew this brave character.

This particular police force has 950,000 Twitter followers. Clearly there was a small number of degrees of separation between this young man and an identification. It took just 13 hours for the police to receive 40 responses.

At the time of the incident in February, the Policia Nacional's social-media manager explained its large Twitter following to the Local: "We try not to be very boring or too institutional or else people lose interest."

Perhaps this intrepid driver was also trying not to be very boring. He chose the wrong medium, however.

This week he was convicted of reckless driving and given a six-month suspended jail sentence. His driver's license was also revoked for a year.

He'll have to get used to being a mere passenger for quite awhile now.