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Man creates mobile home -- in a plane

An Oregon man buys himself a Boeing 727, puts it in his garden, and decides that it would be the perfect location for his perfect home.

CNN Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Most people want to get out of planes as fast as they can.

Bruce Campbell, however, thought it might be fun to live in one.

So he bought himself a Boeing 727-200, for a mere $100,000, and set to work on turning it into a gorgeous pied-a-terre.

You might be wondering where Campbell put his rather large mobile home. Well, he lives in the Oregon woods, so he just parked it in what might be termed his garden.

As he took CNN around his home, he pointed out some of the already workable features. A small (as if there are any other kind on a plane) bathroom. And a somewhat public shower.

"Aircraft, when turned into a home, provide a whole new experience," he told CNN.

It's hard not to imagine that Campbell might be slightly eccentric. He speaks of the magic of his cockpit. But what might be actually do with it? It's not as if there's too much room in there.

Still, the wings make for a lovely deck. As for gadgets, he has thus far limited himself to an iPod Touch.

"Sometimes I get visitors that really become juiced," he mentioned to CNN. Many people have enjoyed the experience of being juiced in an airplane.

Campbell has created a Web site to extol his renovation progress. Indeed, the florid tones in which he writes show clearly that this is a man in love with his project.

For example: "When properly executed, the remarkable appeal of a retired jetliner as a home springs from the magnificent technology and beauty of the sculptured structure itself."

Well, indeed.

Campbell said he managed to maneuver through the bureaucracy quite swiftly, sensing that everyone was rather intrigued with his concept.

His startup costs were actually quite considerable. He paid $17,000 to move the plane from an airport to a staging site; $20,000 to rent the staging site for four months; $21,600 to remove the wings and tail; and another $25,000 to move it to his house.

You might imagine, though, that no one in the world would be as eccentric as Campbell. I might imagine, then, that you've never been to Sweden.

For there, at Stockholm's Arlanda airport is Jumbo Stay. It is, indeed, your opportunity to sleep inside a 747. It looks very nice, too.

There seems to be no completion date for Campbell's project, which has been going for a couple of years now. However, CNN's visit shows that the seats have been taken out and the work is in progress.

It must surely be rather exciting to meet someone in a bar and invite them back to your place -- um, your plane.