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Man attempts eye-busting 250 Netflix movies in one month

A comedian tries to make the most of his $7.99 Netflix fee by attempting to watch 250 streaming movies in a single month. Did he succeed?

Mark Malkoff
Was this man able to watch 250 Netflix movies in just one month?
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Comedian Mark Malkoff must have buns of steel and eyes as tough as diamonds. He set himself to the challenge of watching 250 streaming Netflix movies in a single month, all to see how much value he could squeeze out of the $7.99 service.

In the first week of the challenge, Malkoff made it through 60 films with a total viewing time of 95.55 hours. Those cinematic masterpieces ranged from "Hoosiers" to "The Big Lebowski" to "The Dark Crystal."

Mark Malkoff as Princess Leia
Malkoff prepares for a sci-fi marathon. (Click to enlarge.) Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

To spice things up a bit, Malkoff recruited actor Jason London from "Dazed and Confused" to come to his house and provide live commentary while Malkoff watched that movie.

The butt-busting marathon went through several genre phases, including stints with sports movies, horror, and sci-fi.

By two weeks in, Malkoff's obsessive viewing was eating up all of his time. "Mark's Netflix watching has really started to have a negative effect on our lives," his wife Christine says in a video about the experiment.

Viewing Netflix on multiple devices, such as his TV, iPad, and iPhone, helped the comedian actually exceed his goal. The final stats were 252 films watched for a total run time of 404.25 hours and a cost of 3.2 cents per movie.

If Malkoff had attempted this at a regular movie theater, it would probably have cost well over $4,000, not including all the popcorn and coffee required to get through that many movies. Maybe Netflix is a pretty decent deal after all.

(Via Hardocp)