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Man accidentally texts probation officer to ask for weed

A Georgia man makes an unfortunate cell phone slip-up that sends him to jail.

When you're out on probation, you have think about whom you're texting for weed. MarniYourPersonalWingGirl/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

This could happen to any of us.

Well, if any of us was serving probation.

This was the case with Alvin Cross Jr. of Albany, Ga. Cross Jr seems to have got his wires crossed -- or, more accurately, his fingers -- when he reportedly texted who he thought was his drug dealer.

The accitext? "You have some weed?" The recipient? His parole officer.

As WALB-TV reports, Cross's parole officer may or may not have been cross, but the authorities were informed. His home was raided. Cocaine was found.

Cross reportedly pleaded guilty on Monday to cocaine possession. He was given one year in jail and another year for violating his probation. (It's not clear what he was on probation for.)

You may or may not have sympathy with Cross Jr. or with America's drug laws. But the immediacy offered by cell phones, and the automatic way in which we use them, has surely caused many relationships and even careers to falter.

It's always worth taking those extra two seconds before you press send. Those two seconds could save you two years.