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Makeup magic from Prague creates gruesome zombie

Czech-based Studio FX has given birth to a steampunk zombie you definitely wouldn't want to meet on a dark, cobblestone street at night.

The Zombie King is pleased to eat you. Ilja Hubalek

There are few things more fun than dressing up as a zombie and running (well, sort of shuffling) all over your town pretending you want to eat the brains of your barber, mailman, and kindergarten teacher. That must be why zombie walks are so darn popular.

While most people get by with some shabby clothes and a bit of fake blood and grime splashed about their person for these undead parades held in cities big and small around the world, others take zombie dress-up time to new heights.

That's certainly the case with Joseph Rarach, a makeup man, actor, and director based in Prague.

For one of his city's famous zombie walks, Rarach's company, Studio FX, created a steampunk zombie king that's completely captivating (and not just a little creepy). I asked him about developing the zombie suit, and he quickly corrected me, saying, "That was not a suit -- it was full body makeup." I quickly agreed in fear of losing some brains.

In addition to having molded the Zombie King, Rarach, along with Studio FX co-owner Vlad Taupesh, also has executed a series of other striking creatures for his clients, which you can check out on his Facebook page. For now, have a look through this gallery of a day in the life of a zombie in Prague. Who knew zombies went to salons?