Make your Thinkpad into a Wii. Sort of.

Rafe wanted to do more with Thinkpad's motion sensor than just protect the hard drive.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman

Following up on my fetish for getting my Thinkpad's motion sensor to do more than just protect the hard disk, I checked out a clever hack that turns the sensor into a motion controller and makes games respond when you tilt the laptop. Just like the Wii's motion-sensor controller, but way more expensive.

Tilt the laptop to control the penguin. CNET Networks

An introduction to the process, and relevant links, are on the Lenovo "Inside the Box" blog.

I followed the instructions and was quickly playing Tux Racer, a game where you guide a belly-sliding penguin down a snowy slalom course. The Thinkpad's tilt sensors are responsive, and the game is fun, but this ain't no Wii. Using my 6-pound T60 as a game controller got tiring fast. Still, it's a great show-off app.

Mac users: check out the old standby, SmackBook. Also, turn your Mac into a lightsaber with MacSaber. Those using Linux on their Thinkpads also can tap out their passwords.