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Make your own Star Wars X-Wing helmet for cheap

AWE Me's latest "DIY Prop Shop" episode shows you how to make an X-Wing helmet from Star Wars without having to join up with the Rebels or cash in your Skywalker savings account.

Making your own X-Wing helmet is a lot easier than building an actual X-Wing.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

While Jedi masters might be the ones wielding fancy lightsabers and using the Force willy-nilly, it's the Rebel fighter pilots who seem to have the most excitement flying around in X-Wings dodging TIE fighters and shooting at the Death Star.

Lucky Luke Skywalker got to do both, but at least you can take some comfort knowing you don't have to become a Rebel pilot to own an X-Wing helmet. If you have the right supplies, you can make your own and just look like you might have a spare X-Wing parked in your garage.

On the latest episode of the show "DIY Prop Shop" on media company Break's YouTube channel, do-it-yourself host Dustin McLean shows viewers how to construct a version of the X-Wing helmets worn by Rebels pilots in the 1977 film for around $22 (about £15, AU $31).

For the episode, posted Monday, McLean uses such simple materials as a baseball helmet, safety goggles, cardboard, duct tape, white primer and colored markers, bendy straws and black spray paint.

Once McLean breaks down the process step-by-step, it's easy to see how to transform a regular baseball helmet into headgear worthy of any X-Wing pilot on his or her way to blow up that pesky Death Star.

Past episodes of "DIY Prop Shop" have shown crafty fans how to make a Necronomicon grimoire, an M41-A Pulse Rifle from "Aliens," an Iron Man arc reactor, a hoverboard prop from "Back to the Future Part II" and a sonic screwdriver from "Doctor Who" using everyday items.