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Make this UK 'Star Trek: Voyager' flat your home for £70,000

If you've ever wanted to live on a "Star Trek" starship, now is your chance. This small apartment in the English town of Hinckley is a tribute to the USS Voyager.

Pursue a lengthy quest to return home without leaving your living room. Rightmove

Ever wanted to be the captain of your own starship? In the grand tradition of re-creating the USS Enterprise in a basement in Quebec and in a Florida mansion, this flat in the town of Hinckley, England, has been transformed to look like the interior of the USS Voyager -- and it's for sale.

The 34-square-meter studio flat (that's 366 square feet) was put up for sale May 12 on Rightmove, a UK property site, for £70,000 (about $110,500, AU$136,500).

The apartment features a computerized flight deck with voice-activated lighting and a (sadly) non-working set of transporters. It looks pretty incredible, and would make for a perfect, if small, home for a "Star Trek: Voyager" fan.

"Star Trek" superfan Tony Alleyne spent 10 years and thousands of pounds transforming the flat, before finally having to give it up in 2012. At least it wasn't dismantled, so his work can live on.

Check out the flat for yourself on Rightmove, then get ready to chart the new frontier if you have the dough and want to make this amazing "Star Trek" flat your home.

This impressive "Star Trek: Voyager" flat in the UK could be yours for £70,000. Rightmove