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Make Star Wars treats of Jaxxon the rabbit

Move over, Easter bunny. Star Wars bounty hunter Jaxxon is the muse for these tasty Rice Krispies Treat Pops.

Jaxxon may look like a goofy green rabbit, but he's actually a very clever Lepi smuggler from Coachelle Prime in the Star Wars comics.

Make your holiday a bit more geeky by replacing the traditional Easter bunny with Jaxxon in this easy-to-make Rice Krispies Treat Pops recipe.

In a video posted April 11, Star Wars fan and YouTuber Jennifer Landa shows step-by-step instructions for making these geektastic treats.

To create these Jaxxon Rice Krispies Treat Pops, you'll need six cups of Rice Krispies cereal, three tablespoons butter, one 10-ounce bag of mini marshmallows, a bunny head cookie cutter, green candy melts, icing (pink, black, white) and red paper straws or lollipop sticks.

Landa explains clearly in the cooking tutorial how to make Rice Krispies Treats and then shape them to look like Jaxxon, complete with his signature green coloring.

And if you don't get the rabbit ears quite right, you can always pass him off as an Easter Yoda.