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Make music with your cooking pots

We've all played on a cooking-pot drum, but what about an Arduino-powered cooking-pot instrument?

Michelle Starr Science editor
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Michelle Starr
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(Credit: Viktor Jan)

We've all played on a cooking-pot drum, but what about an Arduino-powered cooking-pot MIDI controller?

These fresh beats be cookin'! This concept gizmo, called the Beatoven, is the work of artist Viktor Jan, who, while cooking, realised how the lid of his pot modified the sounds emanating from it — and the idea was born to "cook" sound.

The Beatoven doesn't actually work on food (yet). Instead, boxes with pre-recorded tracks are placed in the pot; when they make contact with the pot's floor, a current is sent to the Arduino and the sound is played.

By using stovetop-like controllers, users can modify the sound and synthesise the sensation of "cooking" it.

Jan said on his website:

As the user starts putting the boxes in the pot, different tracks will start playing and a new sound will be formed.

Additionally, users can adjust the revolving buttons to make changes on the sound that is formed. Also when the lid of the pot is placed on top, the frequency of the music gets slow, thus gives the feeling of music coming from the inside of the pot.

But the project hasn't yet reached the peak of its potential. Jan told FastCo Design that he would like to take it further and actually get it working with real food and cooking — in such a way that the pot could even identify different foods, so that "healthy" ingredients would create a harmonious sound and unhealthy ingredients a cacophony.

We just have one question: what would happen if you put the Beetboxin the Beatoven?

Via www.fastcodesign.com