Make learning a new language your next hobby while saving up to 60% at Babbel

Every subscription tier is discounted, but you can get the best deal with a two-year plan for $5.55 per month.

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If one of your personal improvement goals during the pandemic was to master a new language -- perhaps so you could watch Dark on Netflix without subtitles -- there's never been a better time. And I don't mean it's a good time because vaccines will soon make it cool to travel again. I mean that right now you can save on a subscription to the language learning app Babbel, which might make immersing yourself in a foreign language more affordable than ever. You can save anywhere from 35% to 60% off on a Babbel subscription.

In CNET's roundup of the best language learning apps, Babbel topped the list. Reviewer Shelby Brown said that of the apps in her roundup, Babbel was most like a traditional foreign language course in an online school curriculum. The app has an encouragingly minimalist layout and each lesson is bite-sized -- just 15 minutes, so you can fit it into your busy workday.  

Thanks to this sale, you don't have to commit for an extended subscription. You can grab three months for a total of just $27, which is 35% off the usual price. Want six months? That's 45% off, or a total of $45.91. A year costs $75 (that's 55% off) and the two-year plan will run you $133.25, which is the 60% off I mentioned earlier. 

So is $133 a decent deal for two years of language learning? That depends. Objectively, yes, this is one of the best prices I've seen from Babbel, but more importantly you need to consider whether you see yourself continuing to hone your Russian in the spring of 2023. If you think so, then grab this price before it's gone. The deal should run through April 16. 

First published last year. Updated to reflect the latest deal. 

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