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Make a jingle on a smartphone, play it on a computer instantly

Feeling festive? A Web site lets you wirelessly create holiday-themed music loops on your smartphone or tablet that play on your computer speakers -- in real time.

The power of the jingle compels you!

Sometimes I get bored with the same old holiday song and dance.

If you do too, you can create your own theme, techy-style, with a unique Web page that turns your smartphone, tablet, or PlayStation Vita into an on-the-fly holiday music loop maker. German design firm deepblue came up with the site, which blends HTML5 and the powerful WebSocket protocol to offer a unique live mobile-to-browser experience that many of you probably have not experienced before.

I must admit that despite using remote desktop software for the iPhone in the past, it's pretty surreal to hit a few buttons in Safari and hear a song coming out of a PC without any additional software required.

Getting started doesn't take very long. In fact, once you go to the site on a PC, you simply access a Web site on your mobile device and enter the code shown on the PC.

Once that's done, a vast grid of buttons appear on your mobile screen, and from there you can tap tunes to make a loop. The tunes include 12 sounds -- including bells, jingles, triangles, and other holiday suspects -- that when set in a pattern, can either sound like the ballad of a loon, or the next holiday hit.