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Maj! Bing adds Klingon language translation

Go galactic with the newest addition to Bing Translator, an automated Klingon translation service that has you covered whether you're translating tribbles (yIHmey) or "Star Trek" (Hov trek).

Klingon on a scooter
Do you know what this Klingon is saying? Bing does.
Brett Weinstein

'Ij, eartHlIngh, veng SuvwI' Hol chu' tu'lu'. I'm not sure how accurate that really is, but, according to Bing, it means, "Listen up, earthling, there's a new language in town."

Bing is so excited about the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" movie that it added Klingon to Bing Translator, the translation service that usually handles Earth languages like Bulgarian, Turkish, and Polish.

Bing didn't just throw together some guttural sounds and call it done. Microsoft got together with "Star Trek" studio Paramount, the Klingon Language Institute, and Marc Okrand, the creator of the Klingon language, to do it up right.

Bing gives you not one, but two Klingon options. You can translate into standard Klingon or into Klingon (Kronos). Kronos generates the pointy-looking written language of the famously aggressive alien race. It looks like it would hurt your eyes just to read it.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can even translate an entire Web page into Klingon. I tried this out with and reveled in compelling headlines such as, "Hut SmartpHoneS tlhantaStlchally" and "qatlh ghogh luj ghaH, qatlh narghpa' google ceo larry page." Scintillating stuff!

You can, of course, also translate from Klingon into other languages, though the accuracy seems a little rough.

One thing Bing Translator won't help you with is pronouncing all this exotic stuff. I'm afraid to even try. A native Klingon speaker would probably laugh at me and then blow up my starship just for fun.

Klingon CNET translation
Bing translates a CNET article into Klingon. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET