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Magnetic SnapStylus for iPad won't get lost easily

The brainchild of a 17-year-old inventor, SnapStylus sticks to your iPad so you don't have to hunt for it.


If you like using your iPad with a stylus but hate keeping track of it, how about a magnetic one that will stick to your tablet?

Teenage creator Jack Malone of Wisconsin says his SnapStylus is handier than the many styli, such as the Wacom Bamboo, available on the market. It's longer and heavier than the Targus stylus, but it's got magnets in its aluminum shaft that stick to the iPad shell.

As seen in the vid below, the SnapStylus snaps on to the iPad when it comes near. That way you don't have to hunt for a stylus when you need one. Its rubber tip can be used for gaming or drawing apps, and Malone uses it to sketch product ideas.

He's introducing the SnapStylus on Kickstarter, and will charge only $5 for the first 200 preordered units and $10 after that. Domestic shipping costs are included.

SnapStylus has more than 100 backers so far. Malone is only 17, but already has a few other entrepreneurial projects under his belt, including a hybrid game controller and an iPad backpack.

Malone will study business management at University of Iowa in the fall. Who knows what he'll come up with next?