Who's that girl? Madonna turns to Twitter to prove identity

Even the Material Girl can have issues with the day-to-day woes of life. Can social media spread a Ray of Light, and get the singer back Into the Groove?

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Even the Material Girl sometimes has trouble making her way in our material world. On Tuesday, singer Madonna posted a photo of herself on her Twitter account, calling out delivery service FedEx over issues with a package.

"When you've been arguing with fed-ex all week that you really are Madonna and they still won't release your package," she wrote, adding an emoji and hashtag. 

But she topped off the tweet with the ultimate proof that she is who she says she is, a photo that appears to have been taken at her kitchen table, with the singer wearing the oh-so-familiar frustrated look of anyone who's had to deal with this kind of red tape. 

Fans responded, retweeting her post nearly 7,000 times, and liking it more than 29,000 times.

But one response rose above the others, one from the Twitter account for FedEx Help. (Imagine being the social media employee who gets called upon to respond to the musical idol.)

Hmm, really a FedEx employee, or just a fan seizing an easy way to get Madonna's personal info? FedEx didn't immediately respond to a CNET request for comment, but it sure looked real. The note did come from the official FedEx Help account, but that didn't stop fans from poking fun.

Who knew that Madonna's 1987 hit song "Who's That Girl?" was really just foreshadowing?

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