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Made to travel: iHome rechargeable iHM79 speakers

While you can't expect too much from these iHome iHM79 mini speakers, they do offer relatively decent sound for their small size and travel well.

The iHM79s have a list price of $49.99.

Capsule speakers remain a niche product, but they offer some appeal to laptop or iPod and iPhone users who want better sound but don't want to lug around a set of  computer speakers. The only drawback to going small is that even if the speakers sound better than most internal laptop speakers, they usually still sound pretty mediocre. What's slightly different about iHome's iHM79s, is that it has made these mini speakers a tad larger than its early capsule models, and the result is that they sound better but take up a little more room in your computer bag.

The speakers weigh just less than half a pound (combined) and come in four colors--black, silver, white, and red. They have circular bases with a diameter of 2.5 inches, and are designed to expand accordion-style when in use to a full height of 2.75 inches. When traveling, you collapse each speaker--chopping half an inch off the height--then attach the bases together to form a sort of football shaped unit that fits in an included cloth pouch. The speakers link together via magnetic bases--and the manual does warn you to keep the magnets clear of computers and monitors (though we didn't experience any problems).

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