Macworld Expo: New gizmos galore

Hardware upgrades and other eye candy dominate the show floor at Apple Computer's trade show in New York.

CNET News staff
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Polishing the Macs

By CNET News.com Staff
July 20, 2001, 4:15 a.m. PT

At this week's Macworld Expo in New York, Apple Computer lays out its latest attempts to entice new customers.

Macworld Expo's paraphernalia
Without much hardware or software news, the show floor is devoted mainly to ways to upgrade your existing Mac or to eye candy such as an iMac aquarium.
July 20, 2001

Apple: Machines are more than megahertz
The Mac maker struggles to deflate the "megahertz myth" while still bumping up the numbers on the chips for its machines.
July 19, 2001

Product watch at Macworld
update Mac-oriented hardware and software makers are using this week's Macworld Expo in New York to announce new products.
July 19, 2001

Microsoft details Mac Office release
Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to the Mac, offering details about a new version of Office, announcing a new streaming media client and releasing revamped instant messenger software.
July 19, 2001

Jobs unveils speedier Macs
update Apple Computer's chief executive reveals new iMacs and Power Macs during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo.
July 18, 2001

Corel redrawing itself as more Mac friendly
While Adobe Systems is largely skipping Macworld Expo, rival Corel is using the Mac trade show to try to reinvent itself.
July 18, 2001

Apple's weaker earnings beat estimates
update Apple beats analyst expectations for its fiscal third quarter, despite a dramatic drop in earnings.
July 17, 2001

Apple's iMac: Over the hill at age 3?
The aging iMac should take center stage at the Macworld Expo, but will the appearance be its swan song?
July 16, 2001

Adobe skipping Macworld
The publishing software giant calls its decision a cost-cutting measure, not a sign of any rift with Apple Computer.
July 12, 2001

Mac fans chase down remaining Cubes
The Power Mac G4 Cube, which remained in oversupply throughout its short life, has quickly disappeared from store shelves since Apple confirmed its demise.
July 11, 2001

Signs point to new iMacs
Supplies of Apple's iMacs are dwindling at resellers and distributors, a sign that changes could be in store for the all-in-one computer.
July 9, 2001

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 Dialing free from Macs
David Gilcreast, director of communications, Dialpad

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 Closer look at Apple's QuickSilver
Chris Bourdon, product manager, Apple

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 IBM touts speech recognition for Macs
Jeff Kuznitz, product manager, IBM ViaVoice

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 Macworld Expo floor report
Melissa Francis, correspondent, CNET News.com

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 Sneak peek at speedy Mac OS X.1
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

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 Preview of Adobe Illustrator for Mac OS X
Shantanu Narayen, VP of products, Adobe