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Macworld 2002: Apple looks to the future

The conference in San Francisco showcases new products and surprises from Apple, including a new flat-panel iMac.


iMacs: Thinking far beyond the box

By CNET Staff
January 10, 2002, 2 p.m. PT

New iMac Merrill Lynch analyst questions iMac's timing
Although financial analysts agree that Apple needed a new iMac to boost sales, at least one of them asserts that anticipation of the new desktop might have hurt holiday sales.

Looking for a piece of Apple iPie
Even though they've been burned in the past, accessory makers are already trying to think of ways to ride the coattails of the new iMac.

iPhoto at your service
Mac owners can now order prints or photo albums from within the program. Yet it's not the first time Apple's dabbled in services.

Life on the show floor
Take a look inside the convention hall in San Francisco as Mac faithful try out new products and play with the new flat-panel iMacs.

Out on a limb
Apple design guru Jonathan Ive talks about how the new iMac came to be. Will customers gravitate to the new design?

New iMac: Cool or clunky?
The original iMac boosted Apple's consumer cache and ushered in a new era of design. But analysts warn it's a tough act to follow.

"Best thing we've done"
A proud CEO Steve Jobs unveils new flat-panel iMacs near the end of his keynote speech at the Macworld Expo.

Apple tightens competition with new iBook
The company has often led other notebook manufacturers when it comes to design, but now it's closing the gap in another area: price.

Will Apple live up to Macworld hype?
At Macworld, CEO Steve Jobs will be expected to meet soaring expectations that have been fueled by his company's marketing machine.

Software makers expand iPod capabilities
On display at Macworld will be a program that lets the iPod connect to a Windows-based PC and another that stores contact information.

Adobe to unveil new GoLive, LiveMotion
It's the company's largest assault against rivals Microsoft and Macromedia and its first stab at the wireless handheld and handset market.

Apple's iPod spurs mixed reactions
Apple Computer unveils the iPod, a digital music player that can store 1,000 songs on its hard drive, to mixed consumer and analyst reviews.


New iMac

Portable storage enters new dimension
Ben Hsu, engineer, CompuCable
Windows | Real

New iMac

Macaholics speak up
Macworld attendees
Windows | Real

New iMac

360-degree view in one snap
James Anders, president, Kaidan
Windows | Real

New iMac

Up close with the new iMac
Phil Schiller, VP of worldwide marketing, Apple
Windows | Real

Steve Jobs

Jobs reveals snapshot of iPhoto
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
Windows | Real

Steve Jobs

New iMac goes flat
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
Windows | Real

Steve Jobs

Jobs cuts prices on iBooks
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
Windows | Real