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Macworld 2001: Apple in Tokyo

Apple Computer gets groovy with new color schemes for its latest iMac line, but analysts and consumers may not be ticked pink about its colorful plans.


New iMacs to sport CD-RW drives, funky colors

By CNET Staff
February 22, 2001, 3:50 p.m. PT

Jobs with iMac Analysts not tickled pink over new colors
While many have been calling on Apple to make bold changes to its iMac line, the company's wild new colors may not be what most had in mind.

Jobs gets groovy with iMac
Flower power and blue dalmatian are the two new color schemes for Apple's iMacs, which come complete with CD-RW drives.

Tokyo crowds weigh Mac wares
Macworld Expo attendees say new iMac colors may woo Japanese girls, but they're interested in Apple's new pro laptop and DVD Macs.

Souped-up Power Mac leaves the gate
The 733MHz Power Mac, Apple's top-of-the-line desktop that includes a SuperDrive capable of reading and writing both CDs and DVDs, is released.

Mac-made movies won't work on all DVD players
Apple is touting its new iDVD software as a way to create movies that people can watch on consumer DVD players, but problems exist.


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Apple goes psychedelic with new iMacs
CEO Steve Jobs from Macworld Tokyo

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Appraising Apple's new line
Stephen Baker, VP, PC Data technology products

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Jobs introduces "amazing" Geforce 3
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

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Jobs introduces new Cube model
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple