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'MacHeads' movie seems a realistic look at cult of Mac

It's too early to tell, but the film looks like a realistic examination of the cult and emotions surrounding Apple's computers.

Daniel Terdiman Former Senior Writer / News
Daniel Terdiman is a senior writer at CNET News covering Twitter, Net culture, and everything in between.
Daniel Terdiman
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Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan is a center of Machead lust, something the new film 'MacHeads' will explore. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

This afternoon, I heard about the forthcoming film, MacHeads, for the first time.

My first thought was, huh, someone has made a movie based on Leander Kahney's book, The Cult of Mac.

I watched the trailer, and sure enough, Kahney--a former editor of mine when I wrote for Wired News--was in it. But it didn't look at all like it was his film.

Rather, it appears to be a similar look at the cultlike community and emotions that surround Apple, the Mac, and all things non-Windows.

For me, the trailer itself was gratifying enough, as from the very first frame, I recognized someone I know and it only went on from there. All told, five of the people they used in the trailer were friends or acquaintances of mine.

But more to the point, I think it's an interesting idea, making a movie like this. Obviously, I don't know anything about the film beyond what I saw in the trailer. But it seemed like they captured the sense of charged emotions that Mac users have about their computers and the company that makes them: devotion, excitement, reverence, frustration, betrayal, and so forth.

For it's abundantly clear that while Apple is a consumer-focused company, it doesn't really care about you as a customer. That is to say, its products are well-thought out; they are made with the consumer in mind. But as a consumer, you aren't treated any better--or worse--than you would be by other companies.

Either way, I'm very interested in this film. I think it will be a valuable cultural examination, and I hope that the filmmakers stayed true to the sense conveyed in the trailer that they--and Macheads--can be enamored of the Mac but also be highly skeptical of Apple.

Time will tell. There doesn't appear to be any info available about when the film will be released. So, stay tuned. I'm sure we'll have more as the film gets closer.