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MacBooks need love too

iPod gets all the attention, but laptops could use protective casings as well

Saunders Manufacturing

As we were just noting in our usual cranky way, iPod cases are becoming the Starbucks of consumer electronics--a new one comes out seemingly every day, whether we need it or not (usually the latter). But what about its older and bulkier sibling, the MacBook?

As with many senior family members, the Apple laptop arguably needs more help in the injury-prevention department while the spry iPod goes on its merry way jogging or clubbing. Poor MacBook.

Saunders Manufacturing

Luckily, RhinoSkin has come to the elder's rescue with a hard case to protect the laptop through the harsh winter months. MobilitySite says the cases, which come in black and white (what else?) are true to Apple's trademark sleek design, fitting snugly but also allowing full use without removing the computer from the hard plastic shell. Another practical feature is the backpack-type straps underneath and a detachable case for accessories.

You know you're getting old when stuff like this excites you.