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MacBook Air dock: Good idea?

A thin docking station for the MacBook Air sounds like a great concept, but judge for yourself.

The LandingZone.

The MacBook Air has won me over, after a long period during which I'd felt skeptical about the concept. Small, light, fast startup, long battery life; it's all great, except for two things: limited internal storage and few ports. A clean-looking solution for the latter has been made, but it's just looking for funding.

The LandingZone, a MacBook Air docking station, is a Kickstarter project that's aiming to help Air owners with their port woes--but only to a point. The $200 dock concept has four USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a Mini DisplayPort, and a Kensington-compatible locking port. What it conspicuously lacks is Thunderbolt support.

The LandingZone's creator, Kitae Kwon, explains on his Kickstarter page that the reason for Thunderbolt support omission is to make the LandingZone compatible with older 2010 Airs; that, and he claims that the difficult-to-get Thunderbolt Intel license would drive the price up far above $200. However, Kwon claims it's on his radar. Until then, if you're interested, keep an eye on whether the LandingZone gets its funding before January 1.

There are other dock solutions out there, including the BookEndz docking station, but Thunderbolt-compatible docks should be the real holy grail for Air owners. Are docks even necessary, though? Some might argue that they ruin the simplicity of a device like the Air--and, technically, a handful of dongles could serve the same purpose. For instance, check out my list of must-have MacBook Air accessories.

(Via Business Insider)