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M-Rock's camera backpacks available in September

M-Rock has two new camera backpacks, the Zion 525 and McKinley 526, coming out in September 2008.

It's what's on the inside that counts. M-Rock

If you're looking for a new bag to organize your dSLR and all its accessories, I thought it worth pointing out that M-Rock's got a couple of camera backpacks that will be available in September. The new Zion 525 (pictured) is a straight backpack, while the McKinley 526 has wheels and a telescope handle. The two models are identical otherwise. The MSRP for the Zion 525 is $230 and the McKinley 526 is $290.

Compared with our Best 5 camera bags, there's nothing particularly unique about the backpacks, but here's how the press release describes them (more photos are here):

Not so exciting from the outside. M-Rock

The backpacks include a modular interior with a removable Accessory Bag and spare dividers for three set up options. The basic setup is for a regular or Pro DSLR camera with up to a 6-inch lens attached, with room for an additional two to four lenses or photo accessories. The Accessory Bag above can hold more electronics, personal items, or hiking gear. Replacing the Accessory Bag with the extra dividers will allow you to use all of the interior space for extra photographic supplies and load your SLR camera with up to a 9-inch lens attached. The removed Accessory Bag has Web & Velcro arms below that can securely attach to the fabric handle on top of the backpacks.