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M-Edge's waterproof Kindle case now shipping

The Guardian, which M-Edge bills as the world's first fully waterproof, floating case for Kindle, is now available for purchase for $79.99.

The Guardian turns your Kindle into a flotation device. M-Edge

Otterbox is known for its ultraprotective iPhone cases. Now, M-Edge, which specializes in Kindle cases, is doing the same for the Kindle, with an announcement that its first waterproof Kindle is now shipping.

The company says the Guardian is made of molded plastic and protects your Kindle in all water environments up to 1 meter deep, whether you're in the pool, ocean, or just soaking in the tub. Your e-reader is totally sealed in the case, but you can still access all the buttons through "flexible sealed button cutouts." Even better, the case turns your Kindle into a flotation device and allows you to read hands-free in the water.

According to M-Edge, "three internal buoyancy chambers provide distributed flotation to keep Kindle afloat and upright for in-water reading." Nice.

The Guardian comes in three colors--black, red, and cobalt blue--and is available for $79.99 at Amazon. We just got a review sample and will give a Kindle a good dunking in the next few days to make sure the case is water-tight as it's supposed to be.