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Luxury sun-tracking chair will summon a waiter for you

Your old Adirondack chair just won't cut it anymore once you've seen a $45,000 sun-following lounger with built-in misters and speakers.

Remmus lounger
Bask in thousands of dollars worth of sun lounger. Remmus

You have a $15 million superyacht. You're not just going to pop down to Home Depot and buy a couple of plastic Adirondack chairs to go on the deck. Oh no, you're not. You are instead going to drop $45,000 (about £28,000, AU$51,000) on a Remmus sun lounger. You will lay in it, sipping a Mai Tai with gold flakes, and know that you're lounging in a high-tech luxury chair worthy of your status as a bajillionaire.

The Remmus comes from Finish designer Tapio Anttila. Its suggested use is for "yachts, villas and high-class holiday resorts." It is said to offer an "incomparable sunbathing experience." It makes regular deck chairs look like they were crafted by neanderthals.

For starters, the Remmus tracks the sun, turning to keep you in its rays at all times. If you start getting a little too warmish, the lounger will spritz you with cooling water sprays. It will inevitably get dark, but you'll be so comfortable you won't want to move, so Remmus turns on some ambient LED lights to keep you company. There is an adjustable powered back rest and a Bluetooth sound system with marine-grade speakers to deliver your favorite tunes while you relax and nibble on caviar served on a slice of white truffle.

In case you're sharing your own private paradise with other people, you can stash your valuables in a waterproof safe locker. A cooler box keeps your sodas cold. Naturally, there's a wireless charging station to juice your smartphone. The handiest feature of all is probably the built-in service button designed to call a waiter over to refresh your cocktail. The whole contraption weighs nearly 200 pounds, but you can hire someone to move it around for you if you wish.

You might have gotten the impression that the Remmus lounger isn't for your average homeowner. It's likely to appeal only to the super-rich and resorts that cater to the super-rich. These are the sort of customers who don't mind paying for extras like hand-polished metal parts, a genuine wood exterior and advanced, German-made padding that doesn't soak up water. While the likes of you and I will probably never own one of these, at least we can all appreciate the luxurious audacity of a chair with built-in water misters and sun-chasing rotation features. Because that's really pretty cool.

Remmus detail
One push of a button can summon a waiter. Remmus

(Via Luxury Launches)