Luxurious Bentley laptop

Ego has announced the Bentley laptop.

T3 Gadget Website

In the past, we've seen laptops named after high-end sports car manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, but what about the luxury car enthusiast? Well, the wait is now over: Ego has announced the Bentley laptop. In keeping with the tradition of the hallowed British brand, the laptop features a hand-stitched leather lid cover and a curved metal case painted the same colors as the car. When closed, the laptop can be carried by its handle, which is also reminiscent of the door handle of the automobile.

Otherwise, you're getting a pretty standard laptop, featuring Windows Vista 64-bit and a 160GB hard drive. It costs a whopping $20,000--but considering the cost of your average Bentley, we guess that's something of a bargain. The Bentley laptop should be available later this summer (in the U.K., at least). So you still have time to take out a second mortgage on your home and be the talk of the town.