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Luke Cage marathon seems right for welcoming October

Social Cues: Twitter says goodbye to a comet-bound spacecraft and hello to a new Netflix series.

The Netflix series premiered on Friday, with plenty of fanfare from social media.
Courtesy of Netflix

Marvel fans have a reason to be excited again.

Netflix opens the next chapter in its Marvel television saga with the debut of "Luke Cage." Meanwhile, Solange Knowles' new album, "A Seat at the Table," also dominated Twitter feeds on Friday.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what's trending on social media in the morning. Here's what Twitter and Facebook are talking about:

Luke Cage: Marvel's unbreakable man got a hero's welcome on Twitter and Facebook this morning as it debuted to positive reviews on social media. The series became the top trend within hours of the show's release on Netflix, with praise for Mike Colter's portrayal of Luke Cage. Here's CNET's feature on Colter and how he channeled his inner superhero.

Comet Landing: Please mark "landing on a comet, heading off into space" as one of the coolest ways to end a job. The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission, which started in 2004, ended Friday morning when the spacecraft attached itself to a comet that will continue traveling deeper into space. ESA decided to end the mission because of the spacecraft's increasing distance from the sun, causing it to lose solar energy. Social media sent a fond farewell to Rosetta.

A Seat At the Table: Solange Knowles dropped an album on Friday, after a four-year gap from her last release. Twitter users happily welcomed the singer's return throughout the morning. "I started writing #ASeatAtTheTable almost 4 years ago... I am honored and humbled to share it with you midnight tonight," Knowles tweeted.

Milky Way: It's time to give our solar system's corner of the Milky Way the respect it deserves. While our cosmic neighborhood originally was thought to be just a small portion, a new study from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics calculated that it's about four times larger than scientists had believed. Facebook users, already fascinated by the Milky Way's beauty, jumped on the discovery.

Tomorrow is October: Just in case you lost your calendar or forgot what date it is, Twitter is here to help. Friday is the last day of September. The next day will be October 1. Twitter users are very excited about October. Somebody go wake up Billie Joe Armstrong.