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'Love Tub'--the ultimate Valentine

It's fully loaded for suburban romance.

Dimension One Spas

Yes, we're already sick of Valentine's Day talk too, but this is one gift that will put those red Vaios and pink Nanos to shame. We're talking a full-scale "Love Tub" here. The in candy-apple red "Amore Bay" is a limited-edition hot tub that's ready for suburban romance, from its built-in stereo and "hydronomically" designed seats to its mood lighting and landscape etching, according to BornRich.

Dimension One Spas

There are no TVs or recliners involved (bummer), but we suppose those are the sacrifices of love. "All that's left for you to do is download Marvin Gaye or Babyface on the Amoré Bay's iPod-friendly stereo," suggests Dimension One Spas. What, no Barry White?