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Love-struck gamer creates 4-hour video game proposal

One determined video gamer didn't just mod a game to propose to his girlfriend, he created an entirely new one.

Michele's Quest opening screen
Michele's Quest is an epic adventure with a happy ending.

Many classic video games end with the hero getting the girl. There's Mario, Legend of Zelda, King Kong, and, now, Michele's Quest. You probably haven't heard of that last one because it's so new. It's the creation of Redditor Marchaka, who built the game as the key to an elaborate marriage proposal.

Marchaka and Michele
The happy couple. (Click to enlarge.) Marchaka

Michele's quest is a Final Fantasy-style role-playing video game built using the $70 RPG maker VX Ace from the Steam store. It took Marchaka 164 hours to put the game together and fill it with classic video game references and jokes.

The assist from the RPG maker kept the build time to a reasonable amount. Marchaka says he knows some programming, but "it would have taken years, headaches, and probably 18.5 cases of Mountain Dew Code Red" to do it from scratch.

The game features four boss battles. After defeating each boss, Michele received a clue to the real-life location of a key. Those four keys unlocked a chest nearby. Inside the chest was a note asking her to turn around. Surprise! Marchaka was waiting on bended knee with the official proposal. Once a guy has created a complete video game just for you, there's only one right answer. Michele said yes.

This leads us to one of the most important tenants of geek proposals: a shared fandom. Both Marchaka and Michele are into video games. "She is a BEAST at all of the Donkey Kongs for SNES," Marchaka says. They sound like the perfect geeky couple.

It took Michele about four hours to battle through scorpions, snakes, soldiers, and a giant cactus. If you want to try your own hand at defeating all the pre-nuptial bosses, the game is available for download.

Michele's Quest screenshot
A screenshot from Michele's Quest. Marchaka