Lounge around in levitating Hoverit chair

Using repelling magnetic forces in both the seat and base, the Lounger will lift you up--just a few inches up, but up nonetheless.

Repelling magnets keep the Hoverit lounge chair levitating above its base.

If you like to feel that you're above other people, the Hoverit lounge chair might just be for you.

Using repelling magnetic forces, the Lounger lifts you up as it levitates above the structure's base--just a few inches up, but up nonetheless.

The limited-edition handmade chair by British company Hoverit measures about 6.5 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet and comes in clear acrylic, though there are customization options. You can select different shapes of cutouts for the seat--circles, hearts, droplets, or slots--as well as mats to soften the acrylic blow. And the company said it will soon have a range of accessories, including cushions.

Hoverit describes lounging in its patent-pending chair as floating on a cloud. Watching a demo of it (video below), that description doesn't seem so far off. If you're concerned about the hovering part getting pushed out of line from the magnetic field and thus causing you to go kerplunk, stabilizing poles appear to keep that section where it needs to be.

Ubergizmo, however, poses some pertinent questions, such as whether it be can swayed from side to side to emulate a hammock tied between two trees.

Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to test the chair--and probably won't ever, as it costs $8,350.