Lotus headstand, SIR! Little green army men are now yoga pros

A Kickstarter campaign gave the familiar figures a modern twist, and now they're stretching out into more advanced poses.

The Yoga Joes are pros now, so they're attempting more advanced poses.
Yoga Joes

No question, soldiering is a stressful profession. Now the little green army men of many a childhood toy box are getting their bliss on by exploring the ancient practice of yoga.

San Francisco art director Dan Abramson created the Yoga Joes as a lark while sitting in a coffeeshop. They're exactly what you think -- the traditional little figures in yoga poses. He created a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and blew away his $40,000 goal, raising $108,065 from 2,879 backers.

"I made Yoga Joes in the spirit of getting more people to try yoga,"Abramson wrote on his Kickstarter page. "More unexpected folks are reaping the benefits of yoga today, from professional athletes, to children, to military men and women returning from wartime. ... I thought -- what if yoga could be passed around in a way other than from a yoga class? What if yoga could be transmitted through a toy?"

Now that his Yoga Joes have been yoga-ing for a while, he's about to release a set of the figures in more advanced yoga poses.

"Not for the faint of groin or hamstring, the Advanced Yoga Joes represent perhaps the greatest display of flexibility ever molded into rigid ABS plastic," the site proclaims. Yoga-lovers will know the pose names -- they're firefly, advanced side plank, peacock, mermaid arm variation, lotus headstand, and perhaps the most amazing one, spherical helmet variation, in which a Joe nonchalantly performs a headstand while still wearing his helmet. ("Yes, he really balances," notes the site.)

This Joe likes to see the world from a different perspective.

Yoga Joes

The advanced Yoga Joes will ship on October 15, and the originals are now available in traditional green and bright purple (a hot pink collection is currently sold out). A six-figure set is $25, or $20 when reserved in advance.

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